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Unit Description

BRIEFLY describe unit elements below. Include length and/or special requests when appropriate
For example:
Walkers: 70-band members, 2- color guard, 33-cheerleaders
Animal: 6-horses, 13-dogs
Float: 1- 25-foot flat bed with tractor
Vehicle: 2-cars, 1-ambulance and 1 fire engine, 6-motorcycles
Multiple: 1-20-foot float with 25 walkers, 2-trucks with trailer, 3-vehicles/20-animals/1=float, 30-member Dance Team plus SUV with music speakers, 1-truck or 1 SUV with 40 walkers
Please provide biographical facts and general information to be announced at the parade which may be of interest to spectators. You may include awards, historical information, unusual facts and other notable information. Enter the most important info first.

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